Choosing The Trail Camera for Stunning Wildlife Footage

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Do you wish to get the best trail camera? Of course, you do for the best wildlife footage. You deserve something that will capture every detail in your trip while offering you great moments. The trail cameras are the best options, especially for outdoor photographers and homeowners.

The market offers plenty of options, and therefore, it will be necessary to define the purpose and priorities. Some trail cameras are expensive, while others come at pocket-friendly prices. Choose something that will favor your budget while also accomplishing the function.

Keep reading for real insights about what you need to check when choosing the best trail camera for wildlife footage. The key factors that the article will be dealing with are battery life, the trigger time and the price.

So, What will My Trail Camera Do?

It is crucial to understand the purpose of the trail camera, before getting into details about the definite features you will be looking for when choosing a trail camera. Among the lead functions that you will use your trail camera is house monitoring, farm surveillance and hunting.



Hunting is a leisure activity, though some will entirely depend on it for food. The concern here is for leisure. How will you identify your prey? You need a camera that will help you scan places. A trail camera will do that effectively and will make your hunting experience to be memorable.

Wildlife Observation

Festive seasons and holidays and the best time when you can visit one of the wildlife parks. Which parks often come into your mind? Maasai Mara in Kenya is among such places that will grant you a chance to view lots of animals! What if you don’t have a trail camera? You can enhance your wildlife viewing experience by acquiring a high-quality trail camera for that purpose.

Farm Surveillance

The importance of the trail cameras adjusts to our farms. You will want to know whatever is going on your farm even when you are not on the farm. A trail camera will help you monitor farm activities. You will also be able to check the growth progress of your crops daily. You don’t need to frequent the visits to the farm when you have the best trail camera.

House Monitoring

Trail camera also plays a role in house monitoring. It’s the best device that you can have for your home security. Notably, many people prefer a trail camera to a home security system because they are cheap to install. The trail camera has the best features that make it crucial for home security because they give details about things that happen in your house, and they stamp every content with the time they occur!

What are The Key Features of A Trail Camera?

There are specific features that you will need to check before purchasing one. Megapixel count, trigger time, recovery time and the flash category are the lead features you must never overlook. All these features are the signpost that will guide you when choosing the best trail camera for wildlife footage. Check a brief description of each factor below.


Megapixel Count

Megapixel count is the lead factor that you will want to know before purchasing a trail camera. A higher megapixel count for sharper focus especially for wildlife. You may not necessarily require high megapixel count if you want to use it for home security. You should clearly state the purpose to guide you settle for the best camera with the better megapixel count.

The IC ICLOVER Trail Camera as the newest upgraded one in 2021, it has a high photo resolution as 24MP, clearly enough for you to observe the fantastic wild world.

Categories of Flash

A camera flash at night is essential because that is the only way to capture images at night. Here are the categories that you should be checking for in your trail camera.

White Flash

If you are that person who often admires colored images, then a white flash will be great for you, though you should be worried, because it may scare away the animals! A white-flash will also expose your camera to people strolling around, and they may steal it!

Red-glow Infrared Flash

Red glow flash is a better option to a white-flash because you won’t risk scaring the animals away. If you intend to use your trail camera for wildlife footage, then a red glow will be better though you will get black and white images. Notably, the red-glow won’t scare animals away, but humans will see it.

No-glow Infrared Flash

No glow infrared flash is the best option for capturing animals and home security purposes. It won’t scare the animals away, neither will the humans detect it. Its images are black and white and are darker.

Detection Zone

When choosing a trail camera, you need to be sure with the detection range that it will cover.  A wider-detection zone is best when you need to cover a wider area.

Trigger Time

The trail camera will capture an image upon sensing the presence of an animal. Every trail camera has its own specific trigger time. It is time it will take to capture images when it first sense. Faster trigger time is quite appealing than any other one because it will allow you to capture more images. Slow trigger time will imply that you may miss out on bucks that work at a faster speed.

Recovery Time

The trail camera that stores images faster, and prepares for the next capture could be the best you can ever buy.  The time it takes to take a picture to the time it stores is the recovery time.

Settings of Your Trail Camera

Many people find the trail camera settings to be quite a challenge. It may be so daunting for the beginners to decide on the best camera mode, video length, the burst number and the sensitivity. There are specific determiners that will guide you when setting up your trail cameras; the location, scenarios and the goal. You will need to pay attention to details such as wind direction, scent control and entry/exit plans.


The best time to set up the trail camera is during the midday when there is light rain because it minimizes the scent. Knowing the expected height of animals you are targeting will be a milestone when setting up the camera heights. Your sensor should point in the direction where you expect it. Set it up correctly to capture the animal fully.

The location is also prudent. Ensure that your trail camera faces northern or southern directions. The Northern and Southern sides will be best since your camera will not be facing interference from constant shadows. Change the batteries and SD cards so that you don’t run out of power and memory. The range of time should be around 14 days so that you don’t disturb your camera. Your camera will be using energy and memory, and therefore, you will need to create time after some time to replace.

Where to Place Your Trail Camera?

Everyone has a purpose for acquiring a trail camera. When you are dealing with animals, do your due diligence to understand the behavior of the animals.  You need to know the seasons the animals you are targeting will be travelling to guide you when placing your trail camera. Place your trail camera nicely in apposition that will enable it to capture accurate and clear images. You can achieve this by placing it in thermite directions and the best heights that will help you capture clear and complete images.

The best places that will give you the best images are the water sources, pinch points and bedding areas. It is the perfect places that every wildlife will frequent. You don’t need to move around pondering about where to place your camera. Get a site that seems attractive to them.  Locate your trail camera in a standing tree so that you can be checking it, without necessarily being around the place.


Try as much as possible to place your camera in a place that won’t be affected by natural conditions like e weather changes. Some environmental factors will also interfere with the clarity of the images. Y. You should have prior knowledge about this before deciding to place it.


The features will determine if you will purchase a trail camera on or not. It is necessary to pay attention to the prudent features that you want your trail camera to possess. When you are sure about the camera, it becomes so easy to buy one because you will be choosing a brand that offers the best deals at a friendly price provided that it fulfils your needs.

If you are keen on getting the best, it is vital to check what the customers are saying about the trail camera. Users will never talk falsely about a camera. Therefore, it becomes a milestone for beginners when choosing one out of the many options. You can opt to check the prices from various online markets and select the one that will favor your budget.

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