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Among the famous snake handling equipment available is the snake tong. The functions of snake tongs have been changing with time. Initially, it was a tool for passing the food to snakes such as rodents. It is important to note that snake handling equipment is meant to accord safety while handling snakes.

Despite the change in the functions, the primary purpose as a safety tool for humans still stands. Some snake handlers are becoming careless because they no longer care about the safety of the animal itself.

What Do Snake Tongs Do?

Snake tongs are safety tools while feeding the snakes. Snakes are dangerous since they have venoms that may risk human life. It is, therefore, necessary to take safety precautions while handling them. The snake tongs act as the preventive mechanism against snake bites because the snake will bite it when it misses the food you are giving.

You will need protective gear such as goggles if you are dealing with a stray snake. When you have your attire on, you can get a snake tong and a container as you prepare to handle the snake. The idea here is to safely place the snake in a container as you prepare for the next action.

Snake tongs should be safe for you and the snake, though in some reports, snake tongs are now harming the snakes by breaking there rips while they are struggling to rid themselves from it. Notably, snake tongs will hurt wild snakes. Humans must never ignore the use of snake tongs because it is better for a snake to bit a tong than your hand.

What Are the Applications of Snake Tongs?

You may find yourself in a situation that will demand snake handling skills. Always keep your kids and pets safe before you start handling the snake. You should also have your protective gear on as the snake gaiters. Get a snake tong to help you hold the snake because you won't use your bare hands.

Snake tongs have a single function; they are used to grip it on the upper third quarter of its body. Learn how to correctly handle the snake first before you start using the tong. Be mindful of the cases where you agitate the snake by holding it closer to the head.

Always adjust the snake tong to hold the correct place. The snake-handling equipment has a hook that you will use to lift the lower part of the snake as you transfer it to the container. The lifting process should be short, lest the snake becomes stressed and turns to be wild at you. Tongs can also damage the spine. Always be gentle and firm when handling the snake.

How to Use Snake Tongs Correctly?

You should be mindful of the snake you are handling and the type of tool you are using. Approach the snake when you know how to use the snake tongs. Practice picking things with it until you are comfortable with the tongs. be mindful when adjusting the hook lest you squeeze the snake and make it more aggressive.

When grabbing the snake, you should know the exact place to grab it with a tong. Mid-body is the perfect position to hold it. How far you stand from the snake is vital. If you are dealing with a 60 cm snake, then stay 60 cm away from it because that is how far the snake can strike. Gently hold the mid-body with the tong and move it to the container. In instances where the snake is restless and starts climbing the tong, drop it down gently and wait until the snake leaves it before you pick and start over again.

You can place the snake on a tube or a bucket. Always make sure that the containers are well labeled and transparent. It will help when you are releasing the snake because there will be no risk.

Finally, you will need to release the snake in a suitable environment, preferably not more than 5km away from where you got it. Ensure that you are doing this far from human residence.

How to Choose Snake Tongs Correctly?

You will find a quite overwhelming number of snake tongs. They serve the same purpose though they have different shapes and designs. If you want the right kind of snake-handling tool you should be mindful of the length and jaw style.


The length of the tong you will choose depends on the size of the snake. It is easy to think that long tongs are safer, but they are always hard to control when dealing with heavy snakes. Short length tongs also may compromise your safety. It is, therefore, prudent to understand the type of snake that you will be dealing with to help you choose the length correctly. 40 to 50-inch length is better.

The IC ICLOVER Snake Tongs have three length: 47 inch, 52 inch and 62 inch for you to choose.

Jaw styles

Many jaw styles are available, and it will be wise to choose to base on snake types that you will be handling. Jaws are the parts that will be holding the snake.  It may hurt the snake if they are firm hence making it to be more aggressive. Always choose a tong that has safe and easy to use jaws. You can learn more information about the specific jaw types and the use so that you don’t end up buying a snake tong that will not be relevant to your function.

Sum up

Snake tongs are the best types of equipment that Will help you when handling snakes. Many reasons will make the snake tongs to be useful. If you have a snake as a pet, you will need a snake tong while feeding it. In some instances of emergencies, you will need to remove the snake from some places, and this is where the snake tong comes in handy. Learn the tips on how to use it and be an expert when it comes to snake handling.

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