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Many people use their hands to grab them when dealing with snakes, which is likely to be bitten by snakes. Everyone is likely to miss a very good snake tools!


Equipment which acts like a large pair of tweezers designed to pick up snakes. By squeezing the handle the front extensions collapse and you are able to do so around a snake’s body to capture it. We sell these in different sizes as listed here. If you put one on the bottom extension, it will provide a lot of grip which will enable snakes to get free or possibly hurt themselves due to the extra traction they will have.


IC ICLOVER snake tool can effectively improve the efficiency of your snake catcher, always protect your safety, and also protect the snake from being damaged by the tool.Using good snake tongs allow you to keep your distance while keeping control over the snake’s movement, preventing it from landing a nasty bite on you.

Snakes are delicate creatures and if you handle them too roughly, you’re at risk of damaging their spine. Remember, a snake in pain is a more dangerous snake.

This is one of the top-rated snake tongs on the market at the moment and are popular among handlers, pet owners, and herpers. Available in 3 different sizes from 47″ to 62, we used 47″ tongs, which is a good length to stay at a safe distance from the most snakes.


                 47''snake tong                                                                    52'' snake tong


                 62'' snake tong                                                                   57'' snake hook

The "teeth" on the jaw of the pliers are blunt, so they do not hurt the snake in any way, but they can still provide good grip. The chin is also wide enough to cause any problems that hurt the snake.This IC IClover is a 47 inch snake tong. When dealing with snakes and crawling animals, it can make the head flat on the ground to avoid bending over.

The ‘teeth’, or serrated jaws, are designed to be smooth and not inflict any pain upon the snake while allowing you to move the snake with good grip.

These tongs are built with strength and durability in mind. Made for the outdoors, they are constructed with aircraft-quality cast aluminum.


The tube is strong and made of aluminum alloy, which helps to maintain light weight. If you need to carry pliers with you, this product is very convenient, you can also use it as a climbing stick.

One of the best parts of these tongs is that the wire for the gripping mechanism is actually inside the aluminum tube, preventing you from snagging it on bushes. Many repairs on snake tongs are done simply because the wiring is external, rather than internal, and gets caught easily.

These snake tongs are made from sturdy aluminum with a thick super tube, one-hand pistol grip, concealed stainless steel aircraft-quality cable, and concealed stainless steel jaw spring.

I would suggest you use snake proof gloves, gaiters as well as snake bite protection boots. Snake proof hiking pants can be very useful for hikers and hunters as they can keep their legs safe from poisonous snakes when you’re out in nature.

                                  snake guards                                        animal handing gloves 

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