What’s the snake gaiters and why do you wear them?

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Although they have been around for many years, not a lot is known about snake gaiters in Africa and other countries. Snake gaiters are sometimes referred to as simply snakebite leg protection.snake bite people

What are snake gaiters?

Snake gaiters are a form of leg protection, they fit the lower leg from the top of the boot to just below the knee. Never confuse gaiters available from camping and outdoor stores with snake gaiters–they are designed to keep burrs and blackjacks off your socks and do not prevent snakebite.

IC ICLOVER snake gaiters

What are they made of?
There are a wide range of gaiters on the market, and their composition varies from Riptech canvas to Nylon Cordura and sometimes even leather.

IC ICLOVER snake gaiters use stab-resistant fabric. None of the rattlesnakes will bite through and leave a mark on them, protecting you whether you're traveling or doing business in the forest.

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Who wears them?
We offer snake awareness, first aid for snakebite and venomous snake handling training in many countries, and most of corporate clients have equipped their on-site staff with snake gaiters. This includes industries such as hunting, the mining sector, solar and wind farms, roads departments, sanitation workers, electrical workers, construction companies, protection services and forest ranger and so on. For outdoor travelers, snake gaiters are also an indispensable article when going out.

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On several corporate sites or outdoor workers, wearing snake gaiters is mandatory as part of the employees(and visiting contractors) personal protective equipment. Snake gaiters also form part of the personal protective equipment required for the designated on-site snake removers on many mines and solar farms. Because this can effectively prevent snake bites and protect everyone's safety.Avid outdoor enthusiasts such as hunters, birders, fly fishermen, hikers and cyclists also wear snake gaiters, as their focus may be drawn elsewhere.

Why wear them?
Snakebites often occur below the knee. These bites usually occur when someone accidentally stands on a snake and it bites in self-defence. Therefore, by protecting this area, one greatly reduces the risk of snakebite.

How do you choose a pair?
There are a few important factors to consider when buying snake gaiters:
1.Are you buying from a reputable source? There are a number of companies advertising snake gaiters and a large percentage of them are cheap products that have never been tested in snakebites.

2.Weight is an important factor, especially for those who are going to be wearing gaiters for extended periods. The lighter the gaiter, the more comfortable they are for long wear. Weight also affects wearing temperatures, and thick and heavy gaiters are a lot hotter than the lighter versions.

3.Fasteners–There are three main methods for fastening gaiters to the legs, the first is Velcro strips–these are positioned on the outside of the legs to avoid rubbing or catching. These are great for quick fitment and removal. The second methodis to get non-slip buckle straps gaiters -these are great and adjust easily. Once the straps are adjusted to the person’s legs and the ends tied off, they fit comfortably. The third method have an eyehole for you to thread a bootlace through, which prevents the gaiter from riding up as you walk, whilst others have an under-foot strap, which keeps the gaiter in place.

IC ICLOVER snake gaiters combine the above three methods, can effectively prevent snake bite, wear will be more convenient, security will be higher.

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How to look after your gaiters?

Taking care of snake gaiters is very convenient. Most snake gaiters can be hand washed and dried out of direct sunlight.(CLICK IMAGINE ↓↓↓)

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