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Many instances will make you want to transport a snake. Some will rear a snake as a pet, while some people may be residing in a place where snakes live. You don’t want to hurt this animal, and it is vital to learn some tips on how to handle it safely.  Snake hooks could be the best equipment you should be thinking about now. Keep reading to learn how you can transport the snake regardless of the purpose using the snake hooks.

What Is the Snake Hook? 

A snake hook is a famous tool for snake owners and herpetologists. It is a tool that will help you to capture the snake. A snake will bite you regardless of who you are because they are often wild. You don’t want to suffer life-threatening issues from the snakes‘ venoms, and that is why you won’t ignore using the snake hooks.

If you are a snake owner, your frequent use of the snake hooks will imply that your snake will get used to it with time, and it will be signaling the snake that it is time to be handled. For the stray snakes, you may want to transport them yourselves or contact a professional for the task. All these reasons will make the snake-handling tool to be essential.

How to safely handle snakes with a snake hook?

The first thing that will come to your mind when you spot a snake in your compound is to call a professional who can handle it for you if you don’t have the expertise to do it. Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider that will finish the job. It may get expensive if the animals keep frequenting your compound. It will be worth learning the basic snake handling skills.

Some may opt for snake traps, but it also has its disadvantages. Not everyone will like to see the animal suffering in a snake trap. Most snake traps are inhumane and will expose the animal to extreme suffering.

It will be better to use a snake hook, where you will be handling the snake yourself. You need snake handling equipment if you live in an area that often gets snake visitors. When you have the best snake hook, you should also learn the basic skills of handling the snake. First, make sure that you are using a snake hook with a medium-size ranging from 40 to 50 inches because it provides better control over the animal.

It is advisable to have all the safety attire in place to protect you against accidental bites. When handling the snake with a snake hook, ensure that the distance you are standing and that of the snake is far enough. A snake can bite you when you are too close. Ensure that the distance between you and the snake is the length of the snake you are handling.

Snake containers

Upon successful handling, you should be ready with the equipment where you will be transporting the animal. Snake containers are available, and it will be best if you use a transparent bucket. Use the snake hook to transfer the snake to the bucket.  Ensure that the process is gentle to avoid scaring the animal. Close the bucket when you can observe the position of the head. The snake can bite you if your hand goes anywhere close to its body.

Setting free

Sooner when you have the animal in the safe container, you will want to transfer it to a place that is far away from your residents. It should be as far as possible, but not in a way that will hurt the animal. The area to dispose of the animal should still offer the same conditions for survival, but away from your home. Be careful when you are setting the animal-free. Don’t just head to the lid and open it, but observe the snake and see where the head is before opening the lid.

How to Choose a Proper Snake Hook for Yourself?

It will be so daunting for a beginner to settle for the best snake hook. There are many considerations that you need to put in place before you buy the snake hook.

Size and length of snakes

Size is the first consideration that you should have in check. The size of the snake hook to buy depends on the types of snakes in your geographical area. If you often find short snakes, then it means you will need a small-sized snake-hook. Notably, some people may think that having a long snake hook is best. The long snake hook may not be best when controlling the snake. Get a short snake hook that will offer you better control over the snake.

The IC ICLOVER Collapsible Snake Hook works well while you are handling snakes in different size from small to big.


Again, if you have been handling the snakes for too long, you will have the experience, and it won’t be an uphill to choose a snake hook. Experienced people will be at liberty to choose whatever pleases them. But for beginners with basic skills, you should always stick to the rules. Interestingly most snakebite cases fall much on novice people. It is their neglect of instructions, with a claim of expertise that takes them to troubles! You should therefore forget about the experience and stick to the snake-handling rules.

Sum up

Snakes are easy to handle if you can pay attention to the instructions on how to handle and transport them. Several tutorials will instill you with knowledge about snake types and the ways you can identify them. The Important assumption that you must never forget is that all snakes are venomous, and there should never be thought of handling it with bare hands unless you have the evidence that confirms it is non-venomous.

The aid tools for transporting the snake are the snake hook, containers, and your attire. be cautious when handling any snake because their venoms are life-threatening. Pay attention to all the details for safe handling.

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