Everything You Want to Know about Snake Gaiters

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You may have been going through many snake gaiters reviews, and you are wondering about them. Snake gaiter is the best protective gear for people who do lots of treks in mountains and bushy places. The gaiter serves to protect you against any cases of snake bites. Some reasons make the gear to be a milestone. The article will instill you with everything you need to know about snake gaiters. Keep reading for insights about the protective equipment.

What Are Snake Gaiters?

Of course, you want to know what the snake gaiters are. First, you should realize that the natural habitat for snakes and other wild reptiles is the rocky bushes. You will find lots of them on your adventures in the famous mountains. It will be necessary to have protection against these wild snakes. That is where the snake gaiters come in handy.

They are the best protective mechanism for your legs against snake bites, though it has more roles apart from protecting against snake bites. They are heavy-duty to ensure that the snake bites do not pierce into your flesh. Gaiters work by covering the vulnerable areas of your boots, protecting against the entry of pebbles, snow and debris.

Snake gaiters are always lightweight so that you don’t add up more loads even as you enjoy the breeze in the Rocky Mountains. The material that makes it is a durable piece of clothing, and therefore, you don’t expect to pay a lot to acquire them. They are inexpensive armor that will protect your legs from any snake bites.

You will get different types of snake gaiters where some are adjustable, heavy-duty, lightweight and comfortable. You should define your needs well to help you settle for the best.

Benefits of Snake Gaiters

Before you buy a gaiter, you want to know the benefits that it will give you. The advantages are not limited to snakes alone, but more functions when you expect to walk in areas with mud, snow and the possibility of dangerous crawling insects and snakes. Here are the benefits of snake gaiters;


You will put on other dressings during your adventure in the mountains. It won’t be wise to suffer piercing sticks, dirt, pebbles, debris or mud. When you have the snake gaiters on, you are protecting yourself against all these issues. Your footwear will also remain clean because it won’t be affected by the entry of dirt.

Resist snake bites

Yes, that is the primary reason for having a snake gaiter. You will be sure to stay safe even when the snake bites because it covers all parts of the leg, protecting the common spots that snakes do bites as the feet and the knee ankles.

Comfortable and affordable

The snake gaiters are very comfortable and affordable. It is not something that will make you feel uncomfortable.  It is part of the dressing, only that it uses a quality material that won’t allow the snake bites to pass.

Do Snake Gaiters work?

The customer reviews about the snake gaiters are impressive. You will find testimonials about people who suffered after risking without the snake gaiters. Forest rangers, campers and hunters should have snake gaiters considering their work environment. Snake handlers will also need snake gaiters, even when you are using the snake tongs.

Paying bills for treatment against snake venoms can be very costly. You can avoid this by taking the first precautionary measure. Buy the best sake gaiters that will play a role. It won’t be necessary to have an insurance cover when you have the snake gaiters.

You can buy the IC ICLOVER snake gaiter for this reason if you are looking for something that will last and offer maximum protection. Here are the steps you will follow when fitting it.

How to fit IC ICLOVER Snake Gaiters properly?

Owning an IC ICLOVER snake gaiter will assure safety. The protective gear is durable and lightweight for people with thick lower legs. It will comfortably fit over your favorite clothes. You can easily adjust to ensure that you are getting the comfort that you deserve.

When putting on the IC ICLOVER gear, you should follow the steps below;

Step 1

Your gaiter will have a Velcro on the back opening. Begin by sliding the gaiters over the legs because that is the area you will need to protect. You will then close the Velcro on the back opening.

Step 2

Once Your snake gaiters are on, you will need to keep them in a position to keep them from detaching while you are on your duties. You will attach the lack hook on the shed lacks in your gear.

Step 3

Now, it is time to secure your boot. You will do this by putting the button strap in the instep as you fasten the buckle.

Step 4

Finally, you want to be comfortable, and therefore all you need to do is check if you will adjust the top and bottom buckle strap for a better fitting to your leg.

On completing the last step, you are ready to explore the place without any fear of snakes!

Gaiters Not Just for Snake Protection

Notably, snake gaiters are not only for snake protection. Lots more functions make it a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts. The snake gaiters will offer utmost protection against crawling insects, cactus thorns and wooden splinters. It will also protect you against the branches that protrude from shrubs.

Other reasons for wearing the gaiters is that they will protect your shoes from soaking. Moreover, it ensures that it is not absorbing mud and covering you when it is raining. All this adds to the benefits that we get when we have snake gaiters.

Sum up

The reasons for owning a snake gaiter are well defined, and as a hunter, game warden or snake handler, you won’t have any reason to lack it. There are many options that you can get out there. You will need to understand the purpose to guide you settle for the best.

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